Volunteer Ignition Interlock Device Program

California ignition interlock devices are installed in vehicles to prevent them from being started unless the driver demonstrates that his or her BrAC is .029 percent or lower. This is done by blowing into the ignition interlock device before starting the car and again through rolling re-tests that require the driver to blow into the ignition interlock device every so often (usually at intervals of 15 minutes to one hour) while the car is in motion. While the most common reason for the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device remains court order or DMV requirement, there is a growing segment of California’s population who are installing California ignition interlock devices on a voluntary basis. The primary reason: safety. In many situations, it just makes good sense to have an ignition interlock device installed.

Leading the market in voluntary ignition interlock installations are California ’s youthful drivers and their parents. Sometimes a parent will seek an ignition interlock device as a condition for a high school or college age child being able to drive. Installing the ignition interlock device is an insurance policy that a particular vehicle will not be driven unless the driver’s BRaC is below .029 percent. Many insurance companies offer rate reductions for those who voluntarily install an ignition interlock device (a welcome reprieve for anyone with a younger driver on their policy). Whether the ignition interlock device is merely prophylactic, or the young driver has abused privileges by drinking alcohol when they should not have, many a parent has received the gift of a good night’s sleep courtesy of a California ignition interlock device.

Many employers enter the voluntary ignition interlock device market as well. Anytime safety is a concern, a California ignition interlock device can be of help. A California ignition interlock device will ensure all California employers that their drivers are driving with a BRaC below the limits set by law in the state of California. This, too, may help with insurance rates, and will certainly demonstrate an employer’s commitment to safety (something that will only enhance their reputation in the community). Whether the employer is a limousine or taxi service that drives people for a living, or a carrier that simply deals in cargo, an ignition interlock device that is installed on a voluntary basis is both cost-saving and an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to the safety and well-being of employees and the public at large.

Finally, while the courts are empowered to order that a California ignition interlock device installation, there are many situations involving the court where a voluntary installation of an ignition interlock device will be of real benefit. In California DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol cases, a voluntary ignition interlock installation may be helpful in negotiating a particular plea or a defendant’s release while charges are pending.

However, California ignition interlock devices may be useful in non-criminal court cases as well. For example, in certain family court or divorce court actions, there may be an allegation that a child is endangered due to alcohol consumption, or because of drinking and driving. An ignition interlock device will remove any suspicion that there will be drinking and driving with a child in the car, because with a California ignition interlock device, there will be no drinking and driving, period. Whenever an allegation of substance abuse, excessive drinking, or drinking and driving arises, an ignition interlock device is a way to bring comfort to all concerned.

California ignition interlock devices may indeed be ordered by the court in many DUI cases; however, because they address safety concerns so effectively, more and more California drivers are installing ignition interlock devices voluntarily. If you’ve got a concern regarding drinking and driving, or just want to know more about California ignition interlock devices, please feel free to call Smart Start of California. Smart Start of California is the industry leader in ignition interlock devices, and we would be delighted to assist in any way possible.

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