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Many individuals who are required to have ignition interlock devices installed in their automobiles are confused as to exactly how the devices work. Smart Start of California works exclusively with the installation of these devices nationwide, so you can say that we’re experts on the matter. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to install and calibrate IIDs in any automobile, new, used or old. Our experience also allows us to speak intelligently as to how the devices work and what you can or can’t do while operating a vehicle with an IID installed on it, enabling us to answer all of your questions before, during, and after the installation process.

The ignition interlock technology behind Smart Start of California’s ignition interlock system effectively separates drinking from driving. It combines advanced equipment, accurate monitoring and responsive, flexible reporting. At the heart of Smart Start’s ignition interlock is the SSI 1000 and SSI 20/20, start-of-the-art handheld breath-alcohol monitoring devices electronically connected to the ignition of your car.

Alcohol-specific and similar in size to a cellular telephone, the SSI 1000 and SSI 20/20 were developed using fuel-cell sensor technology for reliability and ease of operation. Smart Start pairs this proven device with proprietary Smartrac® and SmartLog® computer software. This makes it easy for drivers to use and allows the interlock program and reporting to be customized to a particular jurisdiction within California or the country.

The SSI 1000 and SSI 20/20, developed exclusively by Smart Start, reflect state-of-the-art interlock machinery. Multiple design features make the device nearly impossible to defeat. The built-in microchip records all test results, engine starts and stops, disconnections and tampering.

Smart Start is the ignition interlock technology leader in the United States; and Smart Start of California is leading the way in California by providing outstanding service to those in need of a California ignition interlock device. Smart Start of California provides its clients with the latest in technological advancements, along with exceptional customer service and support. Smart Start of California is here to answer your questions, arrange an installation, or provide you the latest information about updates in California ignition interlock laws. We’re just a phone call away: 1-888-289-5669. Call Smart Start of California anytime, 24/7, or contact us by email, and we’ll be in touch to help you get rolling. We’re the leader in ignition interlock technology and ignition interlock service. For Smart Start of California, just call 1-888-289-5669.

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