Ignition Interlock Benefits


Ignition interlock systems can do some amazing things these days. Not only will they work efficiently, but also they can save lives. Plus these devices are cost-effective and tamper-proof. That means they work, and can work for you and the safety of those around you.

Whether you have been ordered by the court to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, or you are choosing to put one in your car or your children’s car, there are a number of benefits to these interlock devicesthat you need to know about.

Smart Start ignition interlock devices save you money! If you have been sentenced to use an ignition interlock device by a judge, you are going to save a lot of money compared with other possible punishments forDUI in California. That’s because not only are you able to keep your license, but also you are avoiding penalties such as seriously high fines, alcohol education courses, and much more. Plus, if you are still able to drive, your job and your family will not be affected by your sentence. Imagine how hard life would become if you were not able to drive your kids to school or get back and forth from work. Ignition interlock devices make it possible to drive legally, while serving your sentence at the same time. Most importantly, these devices will not break the bank. They are affordable.

Ignition interlock systems cannot be tampered with! You will not find a faulty Smart Start ignition interlock system. You can trust that these devices will work, despite the best efforts to override the system. Thanks to a number of protective measures, ignition interlock devices will work effectively. First off, the person – be it someone convicted of DUI or a teenager getting behind the wheel, will not be able to start the vehicle without blowing into the device. Plus, in order to make sure someone else does not start the car for the driver, there will be rolling re-tests during the drive.

There are even further protections against a driver tricking the system. The system will require the driver to actually hum into the device. This prevents someone from using a tool like a balloon to “blow” into the device.

Remember, thanks to ignition interlock devices, more police can be protecting us on the streets, not having to worry about catching DUI offenders! If more vehicles had Smart Start ignition interlock devices, officers could spend less time setting up DUI checkpoints and more time focusing on the safety of the public.

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