Oregon Ignition Interlock Devices

Did you know that Smart Start services states across the country? This includes locations in the Pacific Northwest, like Oregon. If you use an ignition interlock device due to a California DUI conviction or a DUI matter in the state of Oregon, Smart Start of Oregon can help you with the installation, calibration, and ordering of your IID. We have many convenient locations to fulfill your ignition interlock needs. Simply call 1-888-289-5669 to find a service center near you and schedule an appointment.

Oregon requires a person convicted of DUII in Oregon to install an IID in order to:

  • Receive a hardship permit during the DUII suspension; or
  • Fully reinstate Oregon driving privileges after the DUII suspension.

Smart Start of Oregon has service centers located conveniently throughout the state to perform calibration, regularly scheduled maintenance, and help you with any unexpected service needs. Our installation centers can help you comply with DUII court orders in Oregon, enabling you to get back on the road following a DUI case in Oregon. Whether you are facing court orders or DMV regulations in Beaverton, Portland, Salem or Eugene, you can contact us today for assistance.

For our California customers that are planning to move north, you can have your ignition interlock device maintained at a convenient Smart Start of Oregon location without interruption. Just call 1-888-289-5669 to schedule an appointment and find the service center nearest you.

Smart Start Makes Driving Safer For Everybody

Smart Start is the nation’s leading provider of ignition interlock devices and employs the latest technology to prevent impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel. Our product successfully separates drinking from driving by not allowing an individual who has had alcohol to start their car. While insuring that individuals who have been convicted of DUIs in Oregon adhere to court ordered regulations, our Ignition Interlock Devices also insure the safety of the driving public by removing drunk drivers from our roads. Smart Start has made its name by offering the highest level of IID technology at affordable prices, while adhering to a strict code of excellent customer service.

Dealing with a DUI conviction in Oregon can be an extremely trying experience. Let Smart Start of Oregon help ease the shock, while getting you back on the road safely. If you need an ignition interlock device due to a court order, a DUI conviction, or for any other reason, Smart Start of Oregon is here to help. Call 1-888-289-5669 for answers to all of your questions about ignition interlock devices or to schedule an appointment. Our service centers are open around the clock and our caring staff is standing by waiting to help you. Don’t make a bad decision affect your future more than it has to, we can help you get back on the right track and back on the Oregon highways. Call us today!

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