The Smart Start of California IID Installation Process

Getting an Ignition Interlock Device installed on your automobile can be an unsettling experience. Most individuals who have an IID installed are doing so against their wishes. Add to this the fact that they are being forced to pay for the instruments installation onto the car they drive in every day and the experience can be downright upsetting. At Smart Start of California, we make every effort to insure that your installation and fulfillment of court requirements goes smoothly. Here’s a rundown on what you can expect when contacting Smart Start of California:

1. After contacting Smart Start at 1-888-289-5669 you will be connected to the administration department at corporate headquarters.

The admin department will explain the Ignition Interlock device, pricing and whether or not you will need to pay a deposit, and then inform you where the closest SS installer is to your location. The admin representative will then schedule an appointment with the closest available Smart Start installer.

2. When you arrive for your appointment you will need to bring your driver’s license and court documents. The installation will take anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hrs depending on the type of vehicle you drive and how long it takes for you to understand how to use the device. The installer will validate that the unit is operating properly before your training, during which you will:

Complete the Smart Start Lease Agreement

* Complete State of California DL 920. You will need to take your SEALED form to the local DMV. Your compliance with the program does not begin until the DMV receives the DL 920.
* You will watch the training video while your unit is installed in your vehicle.
* You will pay for your first calibration (and warranty if you choose). You may also be required to pay an installation fee, deposit fee or both if required.
* At this time you will also make an appointment to come back for the next calibration.
* The Smart Start Installer will offer training on the device that has just been installed in your vehicle. You will then be required to take and pass at least 3 breath tests before leaving the facility, allowing you to get used to the process of starting your car with the new IID installed.You can now begin your compliance with Smart Start of California’s Ignition Interlock Devices. This includes:

* Taking all tests in order to start vehicle and all re-tests which the device will ask for at random intervals while the vehicle is being driven.
* Having the device calibrated monthly or bi-monthly, on or before their appointment date. History of the prior month or two months will be downloaded from the logger unit on the car into the Smart Start network where it will be monitored and documented by Smart Start. This history will also be forwarded to the necessary authorities who have ordered the unit installed.
* The client will pay a monthly or bi-monthly fee (and warranty if they choose) at calibration appointment.
* The only other fees that will be required during compliance are for lockout code if the device goes into lockout or a transfer fee if the device is removed and subsequently installed on a separate vehicle.

3. You will then need to make an appointment for removal when the length of time you have been ordered to have the device has ended. The installer will remove the device and you will be required to pay a removal fee.

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