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The legal requirements following a California DUI, like SR-22 Auto Insurance, can be exceedingly complicated and confusing to deal with. This special class of auto insurance is required in order for DWI and DUI offenders to get their licenses reinstated. At Smart Start of California, our specialists deal with these types of insurance forms, along with other specialized requirements that are levied on individuals by the DUI courts and the California DMV on a daily basis. Our service centers are here to help you adhere to all legal requirements, allowing you to get back on the road and in the good graces of the law.

An SR-22 is a requirement for all those persons arrested for a DUI in California who are in a program and who want to get a restricted license. The coverage helps the DMV and the state insure that motorists who are high risk are financially responsible for their driving.

In the state of California there are three different types of SR 22 forms:

  1. An Operator’s Policy Certificate which covers the financial responsibility in cases where the motorist does not own a vehicle.
  2. An Owner’s Policy Certificate that covers the financial responsibility for vehicles owned by the motorist.
  3. A Broad Coverage Policy Certificate covers financial responsibility for all the vehicles that are owned or not owned by the motorist.

A restricted license can allow an individual to get permission to commute to and from places like work or school while their DUI restrictions are still in place. There are also other situations where a SR-22 must be produced, either to the DMV or courts. For instance, those who have been convicted of a “Wet Reckless” must maintain proof of insurance (with an SR-22) for a period of 3 years.

To get a restricted license after being arrested for a DUI you have to do 3 things.

  1. Pay a re-issue fee of $125.00
  2. Show proof of financial responsibility (SR-22)
  3. Show proof of enrollment in approved DUI program.

Filing For An SR 22 Form In California

  • Contact a qualified SR-22 Insurance broker to request the filing
  • Pay a processing fee
  • Make sure California’s minimum requirements are adhered to: the minimum amount of coverage for one accident should be $15,000 for one person killed or injured, $30,000 for two or more persons killed or injured and $5,000 for property damage.
  • The SR-22 is sent directly to the DMV in approximately 30 days
  • Once accepted, the user receives the SR-22 and a letter from the DMV
  • The SR-22 must be maintained for a minimum period of 3 years. If this is not done, the DMV may suspend the driving record of the motorist until the insurance is reinstated.

SR-22 forms and other California DUI court and DMV requirements are important to adhere to. Failure to do so could result in your right to drive being suspended, or in some circumstances, land you in jail. Understanding what is expected of you in these instances is vital to maintaining your good standing. Smart Start of California can help you fulfill your legal obligations following a California DUI, our ignition interlock device technicians are experienced, professional, and considerate. Contact us today at 1-888-289-5669.

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